Monday, January 31, 2011

Certified Sneeze Catchers

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Campaign Seeks to Enlist Them as “Certified Sneeze Catchers”; Give Their Families a Chance to Win a Trip to an Orlando, Fla. Theme Park

NEENAH, WIS., Jan. 10, 2011 – Kleenex brand facial tissue is offering Hispanic children a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip with their families to an Orlando, Fla. theme park if they sign up to help fight colds through education, this cold and flu season. The brand has launched a massive TV, radio, grassroots and digital campaign aimed at enlisting thousands of elementary-school-age kids to participate in an educational initiative called “Sneeze Catchers.” The goal is to help kids understand in a fun, child-friendly way the importance of using facial tissue when feeling a sneeze coming on. Five winners will be chosen randomly in March.
“Parents feel pride when they see their kids speaking and behaving responsibly about health-related issues,” said Ken Champa, associate brand manager for Kleenex brand. “That’s why we believe that as the kids share their learning about how facial tissue with Sneeze Shield Technology helps keep stuff off hands, the campaign will resonate with them, as well.”

A single sneeze can spray up to 3,000 droplets into the air at more than 100 miles per hour – something napkins, handkerchiefs and bathroom tissue simply are not created to handle as well as facial tissue. Sneeze Shield is a special protective layer in each tissue that helps keep stuff from soaking through. Of all facial tissues on the market, only Kleenex brand offers Sneeze Shield in all of its tissues.

Besides the chance to win the Orlando trip, kids who sign up as Certified Sneeze Catchers will receive a free official kit, while supplies last, with information and tools to better protect themselves against colds and keeping stuff off hands. The kit includes a Kleenex brand bag, T-shirt, cap, ID card, a Kleenex brand storage case, and an activity book. To become certified as Kleenex brand Sneeze Catchers, children must first obtain their parents’ permission before going online to visit . Although the campaign specifically targets Hispanic kids, it is open to children of all ethnic backgrounds.

About Kleenex Brand Tissue
The world's first and America's best-selling facial tissue, the Kleenex brand is recognized by families in more than 150 countries. Invented in 1924, Kleenex tissues were initially marketed as a sanitary way to remove cold cream and makeup. Once advertising was shifted to emphasize the product's use as a disposable handkerchief, however, sales soared. Always the innovative leader, Kleenex brand facial tissue has met the needs of consumers for more than 80 years with products that provide the comforting, reassuring touch to make things better.

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