Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year.

I know I have been a little distant but life has been complicated. Well the wedding went fine and perfect with a some imperfections that are expected at weddings. The honeymoon cruise was good. I was little sea sick but I made it back in one piece. The holidays were pretty busy with all the family and friend get2gethers. And if I wasn't busy enough 2 days before Christmas, I hurt my back at work. I could not even breath. So I was handicap for the last 2 weeks of the year. My mom also had some heart complications and went to the hospital. She is all better now. But anyways, I just wanted to catch you up with what has been going on.

I again have gained weight, and need to lose it. My husband is helping me achieve my goal. I weighed myself at the beginning of the year, and today I weighed in 7 lbs lost already. My New Years Resolution is to do a fitness challenge every month this year. On January 30, I will be running a 5K. And on Feb 19, I have another 5K scheduled. I had lots of fun at the end of the year when I completed my 1st 10K on Thanksgiving Day. Soon after that I did a 5 mile run, I just can't get enough. The runs were so much fun. It takes a lot of discipline to commit yourself. I had never done a run, always walks. I love to support my causes and that is how I got started. My walks are alot of fun, and now the runs. This year it is not about losing weight short term it is about a lifetime commitment for good health. I got so tired of dieting and exercising last year for my wedding that I burned out. Don't get me wrong I loved how I looked for my wedding but I soon lost it all as soon as I stopped doing all the things that helped me get to my goal. So this year is about having fun training for my runs. I hope to cut my time every time. Right now I stand at more than an hour. So first goal is to cut my time to under an hour. I am not trying to win a medal or first place just trying to achieve my goals. Maybe one day I will win a medal or 1st place.

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