Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tropicana Juicy Rewards-Redeeming Points

Collecting Tropicana Juicy points has been easy. Now let see how easy it is to redeem the points.
I logged into my account. I searched for a reward. For our Spring Break vacation we decided we would be in San Marcos, TX. So I narrowed my searched by zip code. Then I narrowed my search by activity. Theme Parks and Zoos, then Amazing discounts for admission at amusement and water parks! There were 106 matches. We knew exatcly what we wanted to do so I searched for our destination.
And this is what I found:

20% Off Admissions
Wonder World
Enjoy an ongoing 20% off the regular price of any ADMISSIONS - maximum discount $25.00
Redemption Instructions
1.To redeem this reward click Get Reward in order to print the coupon offer.
2.Points will automatically be deducted from your account and the coupon offer will print upon confirming that you have a working printer.
3.In order to receive your discount, you must present a printed coupon at the specific venue upon arrival

So I printed my coupon. Remember you must redeem it within 14 days, so don't print it out to early.
We arrived to Wonder World and it was so easy to use the coupon. We handed it to the cashier and he took it. We received 20% from our total. We did not have any problems with the coupons. It was so easy to use. We had a blast, and saved money.

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