Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge-Magiquest experience review

Again I would like to thank my sponsor the the wonderful stay at Great Wolf Lodge. I will disclose that I was not compensated in monetary ways for these posts, tweets, or mentions. The stay was complimentary but my opinions and those of my family are ours and true. With that said, welcome to the Magiquest.

Slaying a dragon? Helping the Pixie restore her magic? It's all part of MagiQuest, a one-of-a-kind, live-action adventure game. Armed with high-tech wands, your family must solve magical challenges throughout the resort to gain powers (and points) and move to higher levels of the game. Wand - $14.99 Game - $9.99

We bought the boys two magical wands, a game each, $90 bucks later they were on their adventure to go.
My thoughts-You know when you go somewhere and kids want what others have. Well that was always me. My parents did not have money to go around to all of us or for all of us to get something so nobody got anything. SO when we got to the lodge, we saw the kids with their wands running around. We wondered what they were doing. It was dumb of us to wait until Sunday to get their wands as they cost so much. We went to the Magiquest store and bought their wands. The boys both wanted dragon toppers which were additional. Then we went to pay for their wands and found out, that that was an additional fee. $90 later, both boys had a wand and an adventure good for many days, except we were leaving in a couple of hours. The adventure was fun for all. You go around the lodge and find clues. You complete adventures ad you go. The boys loved it. As do all the kids running around. There were some adults on the quest themselves. All in all, it was fun.

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