Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge-Water Park Experience Review

The water park is part of your stay at the lodge. It is open from 9 am - 9 pm. It is indoors. Let me stop right there to tell you, I have been to an indoors park before and this beats that experience by far.
When you register at the front desk for your stay at Great Wolf Lodge you are given a band that gives you access to the park. There are two types of bands, on can be your room key. How cool is that. You don't need to worry about carrying anything to the water park because it can all stay at the room.

Make your way downstairs to the water park. As you enter, there are attendants that will assist you, if needed. They will also make sure that the kiddos are safe. How you ask? They measure all kids by height on their chart. then they are given different bands by height for their safety. It also lets employees know where they kids can be and not be. As you enter, you feel the warmness of the water park. A wonderful 84 degrees temperature. If you need a towel, they are provided for you right at the entrance. Grab one or two. The water park is so kid friendly. Your kids no matter how little or big they are will have something to do. If you have little ones and want to relax, you can. Relax pool side, dip your feet in the water. Sit in the kids hot tubs with the kiddos. Infants and toddlers have a section of their own. Everything is their size and water level. There are life guards present everywhere. Whether you head over to the wave pool, the big slide, the relaxing creek, hot tubs, or just are sitting and watching this place is great. I did mention it is indoors. So no matter what the weather is like outside, it is perfect indoors. A water park indoors with everything you need. If you need a snack or a drink, head on over to the snack bar. We grab a snack. I had a chicken grilled salad and it was good. My boys had chili cheese fries. They do have a bar for the adults which we did have some of those too.

We hit the water park when we first got there. Then we went to go check in, and check out the lodge. The boys loved that even though it was late in the day on Saturday, there were able to get back in and stay in the water park until it was closing at 9 pm. On Sunday morning, we hit the water park all over again.

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yonca said...

Sounds like a wonderful place. Glad you had a great time! I'm following your blog now. Hope to see you around my blog sometime:)Have a great weekend!