Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Cadillac Escalade Experience and Review

First I want to THANK Chevrolet, GM, Event Solutions, and Great Wolf Lodge for this wonderful experience.
The Cadillac Escalade is top of the line. I felt like a queen on the road. It is a vehicle that looks nice and is even nicer to drive. Smooth riding wherever you go. Especially a long or short roadtrip. It is great for a big family or small. It has so much room, and it is convertible. You can fold the seats and get more space.

Some of my favorite features-
Heated Steering Wheel
IntelliBeam Headlamps (We discovered these as they turned on, on their own. Now that is great. I don't need to worry about my lights being on or off. They come on automatically.)
Power-release Fold-and-tumble Second-row Seats (Remember roomy for space or seating)
Power Tilt/Sliding Sunroof (On a nice Spring, Summer, or sunny day)
Side Blind Zone Alert5 (OMG....seriously one of my favorite features. Have you ever almost hit a car because of this dumb blindside, or you almost haven't gotten hit. This was great. It lights up on the mirrors and lets you know. STOP, dont go. A car is too close.)
Rear-Seat Entertainment System - In-dash DVD with Roof-Mounted Flip-down 8" Diagonal Screen, Two 2-channel Wireless Headphones, Auxiliary Audio/Video Jacks, Remote Game Plug-in &
Rear-Seat Entertainment System - Two 7" Diagonal DVD Screens Integrated Into the Back of the Front Head Restraints (So there were 3 tvs on this vehicle. Some people don't even have that many in their house. You didn't even hear a peep from the kids in the back, only when we stopped and the dvds stop playing were there complaints.)
Electrochromic, Automatic-dimming Rearview Mirror (You don't know how much this is really needed until someone beams you in the rearview mirror with their bright lights. Or have you ever had someone driving behind you so close and their lights on in your face in your mirror and they are blinding you?)
Power-Retractable Running Boards (I'm short. I hate having to jump, hop, pull myself up into big vehicles. On the Escalade when the door opens, the running boards come out. And I just stepped down. So easy)
Heated and Cooled Cupholders (Another many times have you been sitting in traffic and your drink is cold or vice versa? I sit in an hour of traffic every morning and every afternoon, I need this. It was perfect for our roadtrip. Our drinks were perfect temperature.)
Dual Zone Climate Control (Must I say it again, OMG. My fiancee is always HOT. SO the ac always has to be on freezing. Well I am not, and I have to freeze. On roadtrips, I always have a blanket. The Escalade has us set to the correct temperature all trip long. I had it on nice and warm and he had it on cool.)
Rear Parking Assist (Ok, I'm a girl. And most people think girls are bad drivers. I think they are wrong. We just dont have assistance. The Escalade beeped letting me know when I was too close. Warning, warning stop dont keep going. Everyone needs this feature.)

When it comes to safety, OnStar is the best-
OnStar Automatic Crash Response
OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance
OnStar Remote Door Unlock
OnStar Emergency Services
OnStar Roadside Assistance
OnStar Hands-Free Calling
OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics

I love OnStar. One push and you get a person who can guide you anywhere you want. Who doesn't need that? We used it all trip long to find the nearest gas station, restrooms, and restaurants. We used to find our way to our destinations. The operators were so nice. They automatically sent the directions to the vehicle. So even though this vehicle has a navigational system, you dont have to be technology savvy to use it. Hit OnStar, tell them where you want to go, they send it to your vehicle, and you keep going.

I could list every feature because I really love it all. Some features fall under features I like and safety features as well. We want to be safe in the vehicles we drive. We spend so much time in our vehicles on a day to day basis.

The weather was good on our way on the roadtrip. But during the roadtrip and on the way back, it was nasty rain. The drive was still smooth. Once again I want to thank Chevrolet and GM from everyone in my family.

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