Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tiger's Milk Review

Throw away all the kids Trick or Treat candy. Yes, you heard right. Ok, maybe not throw it away let's all donate it to charities, or churches for the under privileged. Our kids are not getting the nutrition they need. They fill up with empty carbs and calories like candy. Now that we have gotten rid of all that junk (candy) let's introduce our kids to something good to replace it with.

Have you ever heard of Tiger's Milk? Tiger’s Milk bars are an excellent alternative to candy bars and other sweeter snacks. They taste great, and are an excellent source of protein and nutrition. Schiff Nutrition, the maker of Tiger's Milk bars, has been one of the most trusted and respected companies in the nutritional supplement industry for more than 70 years. Schiff® makes sure that each bar is loaded with 16 vitamins and minerals and contains up to 10 grams of protein - with zero grams of trans fat.
Do your kids ever get the peanut butter and want to eat it with a spoon? Growing up in a house full of boys, they did, and so does my son. He loves peanut butter. Tiger's Milk bars were perfect for my family because now they don't have to take the full bottle. They now have a grab and go snack bar. They are perfect for all the field trips my son is going on this year. He recently went on two different field trips. He said all the kids were asking him what his snack bar tasted like. He told them it was like peanut butter on a spoon. I have always known that kids watch what the others eat. I now know that my son is sharing a good eating habit with him fellow classmates.
In a recent taste test in my house, the votes were cast and we all loved Tiger's Milk bars. Let me tell you where you can find Tiger's Milk bars:
These bars retail price is $1.00. YOu can't beat that

*Disclosure-My family received samples for this review. These are our honest opinions about this product. Others may not have the same opinion. But if you are peanut butter or chocolate lover, you will love them. Plus they are nutricious!!

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