Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mission #3 Talent-Independentmami does Magic

Independentmami will now be doing Magic.
Let me tell how I found and discovered, I could do magic. Going back, magic comes from a long line of great mothers, housekeepers, and caretakers in my family passed down from generation to generation. I think all men, or maybe just my men, think that the house is a magic kingdom for them. I have sprinkled my picksy dust on it, and things just happen by magic. My featured magic tricks today will be doing the dishes and doing the laundry. I have not mastered my talents, and am no expert. No precious animals were hurt in any of these tricks. Warning this video may not be suitable for all eyes to see. It was 5 am in the morning, and we know how we look and feel at that time. Again magic happens at all hours of the day, especially when my guys are sleeping. When my sleeping beauties awake in the morning, their clothes is hanging in their closets, ready for them. The dishes are back in the cupboard ready for them to be used. These are not all the magic tricks I can do, I have more up my sleeve.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I really appreciate the support I have out in the blogging world. For those that are just tuning in I entered a contest, Bloggers & Tiaras over at MomDot. This is the 3rd entry into the competition. I hope you get a kick out of the things i do during this time. Thank you for stopping by.


nicóle said...

Dios Mio! Screw David Copperfield you've got the true gift!

Anonymous said...

lmao - that is definitely magical! Great idea!

Brittany said...

LOL I need your magic!!!

Amber Page Writes said...

Dude, what's your secret?

Annie said...

Hooray for magic powers! That was a really creative video, I loved it!