Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wellness Wednesday - It All Started With A Headache

Where do I start?  It all started with a headache.  The signs were all there stress, not sleeping, and feeling super tired.  I ignored all those signs until my body decided to give me new signs.  Enough was enough, it said.  It would not take any more abuse from me.

One day, I woke up with blurred vision, my face was swollen, rash, and a piercing headache.  I was suffering and I did not know how to help myself.  Nothing I tried worked.  I was falling apart.

I went to the doctor and she did not have an exact answer for my pain.  She ordered a slew of tests and referred me to see a Neurologists, Allergist, Ophthalmologists, and a Dentist.  

I wanted answers and I wasn't sure how I get through those tough days.  I could not even focus.  The slight sign of any light bothered me.  I had to reevaluate, slow down, and care for me.  By me looking for answers, I would discover so much more.  

Neurologists.  Have you ever been referred to one?  Do you know what to ask?  What tests they will run on you?  Anything that has to do with my head or brain always scares me.  Was I having an aneurysm?  This was the first time I was going to a Neurologists.  I was not prepared.  I followed my doctor's orders and just went to the doctor she referred me to.  I just wanted answers and fast relief.  My experience ended up being horrible.  I did not do my research on the doctor or office I was being sent to.  I also trusted them to know what they were doing as professionals.  Regardless of their unprofessional care, I went through all the tests and visits.  When you are sick, all you want is to feel better.  

What I learned?  

-Research your doctor or referral.  Check online profiles, reviews, and web pages.
-Ask the doctor more questions.  You are paying for care.  There is no time limit for your appointment, so don't feel rushed.
-Review your request for testing prior to you leaving the doctor's office.  Ask why the test is being requested?  Are there different tests that can give the same results?
-Check your insurance coverage.  Does your copay cover the price of all testings?
-Listen to your gut.  If something seems wrong, do something about it.

After a handful of tests which even included an MRI, over $2000, and several visits later, I still had no answers.  

On to the next doctor, hopeful they can give me answers....

Stay tuned for next week, Wellness Wednesday - I am Allergic to What?

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