Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Wellness Wednesday - I Am Allergic To What?

Have you ever had an allergic reaction?  Maybe you ate something and your lip started swelling.  Or out of nowhere, you start itching.  Your body gives off signs when it does not like something.  Are you listening to your body?  Are you looking out for the signs that may be there?

Last week, I told you that my doctor referred me to several doctors including the Allergist.  I had previously been to the Allergists when I started suffering from allergic reactions all of sudden a couple of years ago.  I went in then thinking OK I am allergic to something.  When I received my results, I was shocked.  After the birth of my daughter, I started suffering from several body ailments that I had not before.  I questions my doctor and she said our body changes as we get older.  And now my allergy tests, said I was allergic some of my favorite things.  It was like they took all of my favorite things and said you are allergic to all of them.  It was so hard to eliminate those foods that I have always eaten.  I even started the shots to help me.  I did them for close to two years and then, I just gave up.  It was hard keeping up with my shots and all those visits.  So what did I do to help my allergies?  I tried to avoid those foods.  I ate them in moderation.  I dealt with the reactions.

It is never a good idea to cause your body allergic reactions or live on Benadryl for the rest of your life.

Fast forward to this year and my current symptoms, swollen and rash on face.  The Neurologists had no explanation.  The Allergists ordered full allergy testing.  What does that mean?  I get to get poked with very small amounts of several items to try and trigger an allergic reaction.  The tests started.  I had been through this before so it was not a surprise.  But for those of you that have not, what actually happens?  There are two types of tests; blood tests and skin tests.  The skin tests is exactly that.  You get poked on your skin to test if you get a reaction for the items being tested.  They will ask you what caused the reaction, if you remember.  It is good to keep a food diary or write down what happens when you get a reaction.  When I went in for my visit, my face was still a bit swollen.  I explained all the symptoms I had been suffering from and the previous doctors I had seen and would be seeing.  The Allergists read all my results and then sat down with me.  And the results showed that I was allergic to....


The Allergists explained that that is exactly why the shots are good for you.  She said the treatment I did previously had helped me overcome my reactions.  She did warn not to try and test my body.  She advise to take it easy on my body.  The allergies good come back.  Too much of something can become bad for you. 

And this point, she had no answers for the swelling in my face or the rash that I got.  Nothing had reacted.

I was still suffering from my headaches.  The Neurologists and Allergist both were dead-ends.  Next..

Stay Tuned... Wellness Wednesday - Eye Spy Answers

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