Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Up Up and Away-Kid Travel Tips

Our first family trip this year happened to be my daughter's first flight ever.  What can I say, we are a family that enjoys road trips.  This time would be a different experience for our family.  Planning a trip with a small child is hard.  When you go on road trips, you can over pack as much as you want.  Not when you are flying.  This trip took a little planning ahead.  
But no matter how much planning, don't you always manage to leave something behind.  My daughter left her coat on the couch.  I wanted to have it out so that when we landed, it was ready to be put on.  That did not happen.

Here are some things that I did plan right for traveling with children:

1)  Tablet-We fully charged my daughter's table and did not forget her charger.
2)  Phone-We have an extra phone for my daughter to be able to use apps, watch video, etc while her tablet is charging as back up.
3)  Chargers/Power banks-We had enough power banks and chargers just in case.  Our plane actually had power outlets.
4)  Snacks-Not only because I know food is an arm and a leg a the airport but also because kids.  Moms know that snacks a must.  At the airport, we did have to pull food items out at the security check.  Once these went through, we place them back in my daughter's bag.
5)  Gum-You know you hate when your ears pop.
6)  Pillow/blanket-Airplanes can be very uncomfortable.  Familiars things can help your kids with comfort in an uncomfortable, tight situation.

7)  Head phones-Do not forget the head phones. Our plane had a free movies playing but none of us could hear the movie, except my daughter who enjoyed watching one of her favorites, Coco. 
8)  Coloring Book/colors-The dollar store has small activity books.  And for the crayons, I actually had gotten an extra box at a restaurant that I packed in her bag. 

Now, packing her luggage was even harder.  My daughter is always hot and remember the whole thing about her forgetting her coat.  Luckily this mami planned ahead, here is how:

1)  Undershirts-Since our trip was to Chicago, long sleeve was our choice.  I even brought some turtlenecks.
2)  Leggings/jogging pants-Jeans can be restricting, thick, and sometimes hot.  Elastic bands or non-restricting waist can be more comfortable.

It is always good to wear your most comfortable pair of shoes.  So remember that when you pack your kids luggage too.  This may not be the best time to break in new shoes.

All in all we had a great experience.  My daughter was like a seasoned pro.  She had many questions a long the way and I was happy to answer all of them.  I was an adult when I took my first flight anywhere.  I am glad that my kids get to travel from a small age.  My daughter is already asking when are we going back to Chicago.  And Paris is on her wish list, too.

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