Monday, May 14, 2018

Navy Mom Diary-Boot Camp Graduation

Back in February I posted Confessions from Independentmami-Then and Now telling you about my son's decision to join the Navy. 
The goodbye was hard but the waiting was even harder.  The time did not fly by.  I had a routine for sending my son letters.  I only heard from him a whole three times;

-when he arrived for a short few seconds
-halfway point...The best call a mother can receive.  I got to hear my baby's voice again and that he was alright.
-when he passed battle stations...I actually missed this call while I was at a training for work.  I almost died when my husband informed me later.  I was so devastated that I did not get to congratulate him, hear his voice, and tell him - I love you!

Graduation could not come soon enough for me.  His graduation date was our countdown.   Family adventure we soon won't forget.  The emotions going through me while waiting to get to him and having him in my arms again.  And finally, the day was here....

No longer a seaman recruit but a U S Navy Sailor.

Of course you know you are a mom, when you notice how skinny he is, that he has no color, and how hoarse his voice is.  But you also notice his new posture, a different kinda confidence about him, and the beautiful ear to ear smile that I missed so much. 

Reality sets in when out of my son's mouth came out that he had received his orders and was leaving the next morning.  My heart sank again.  Another goodbye, sooner than I had wanted.  We made the best of it and the next day hung out with the boys at the airport.  It was a wonderful experience of how the USO receives the sailors.  Military music played as they entered the airport.  We stayed with our son until he had go through security to board his flight.  I enjoyed the precious moments I had with him.  I will take a few hours after missing him so much the past few months.

See soon my love.  Until next time.

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