Wednesday, May 16, 2018

#DEADPOOL2 Sip and Paint Workshop

Were you the kid in the corner with a comic book or several just minded your own?  I never really liked reading until I was introduced to comic books.  Something about those characters and story lines caught my interest.  When you become a fan, you kinda become a fan for life.  The kid can grow up, but there is always that inner child.

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I, along with several local influencers, were invited to The Rustic Brush-West U.  If you have never been, it is a social crafting experience.  A DIYers hangout spot, lol.  You pick your project and then you get hands on.  For this project, we use the Deadpool 2 movie that is coming out on May 18th as inspiration.  We have two different templates to choose from:

Well got started creating our art work.  Building our canvas.  Then we get to paint and we can use what ever colors we want to.  Each person had a really cool vision of what they each wanted to do.  That is what is so much fun from creating this type of art with your own hands.  I actually used the above flash dance pose as my inspiration to my piece.  

Check out the pieces everyone created:

Don't forget to check out Deadpool 2, it comes out on May 18.  Watch the trailer below:

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