Friday, October 7, 2016

Snacking on the Go

One of the things I have learned is, in order to not over eat or mal pasarme (not eat at my usual time), I have to snack.  We are always on the go.  Whether we are on our way to school, work, or the gym, always on the go.  Sometimes we over schedule ourselves and may not even have time to stop and eat.  But your body needs fuel to keep going.  I always encourage my family to take snacks on the go.  I prefer the snacks to be healthy snacks.  Sometimes that can be hard with the kiddos.  We have to teach them healthy habits to keep their minds and bodies strong.
Thanks to The New Primal for sending samples to review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

One snack we all enjoy is jerky.  Even the little one always asks for meat sticks.  This is a good snack they can take on the go and eat anywhere they are.

The New Primal says they are the #1 selling natural jerky in the county.  Their beef is sourced from New Zealand: (Why, you ask?)

1)  grass grows year round due to New Zealand's temperate environment
2)  New Zealand has some of the strictest animal welfare standards and bio-security laws in the world
3)  GMO's are illegal
4)  Cattle have zero natural predators there
The flavors include Habanero Pineapple Beef, Barbecue Beef, Cilantro Lime Turkey and the first pork product- Maple Bacon Pork. 
Product Facts:
·      Our beef is humanely treated and pasture raised, not injected with hormones or antibiotics, or being fed anything other than non-GMO contaminated grass. 
·      There is zero sodium, sugar, or preservatives/nitrates added to The New Primal’s jerky, only natural, easily recognizable ingredients you’re likely to find in your own kitchen.
These jerky sticks are fresh new flavors.  They are perfect for our family.  Perfect for anyone looking to eat clean protein.  They are very tasty too. 

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