Monday, October 24, 2016

Houston Zoo Boo, Thanks NICU

Five years ago, I was pregnant 26 weeks pregnant.  I had Placenta Previa but everything was going ok, for now.  At 34 weeks, regular ultrasound shows Lil Bit at 7 lbs.  At this point I am going to weekly visit and we have already started scheduling a C-section for the first week in January.  At 35 weeks, I go to my weekly visit and the ultrasound shows Lil Bit has lost weight.  So the doctor schedules an emergency section.  Not what we wanted to hear or experience after we almost lost her at 14 weeks.  Due to some complications, Lil Bit had to be rushed to the Children's Memorial Hermann NICU.  My daughter's first days into this world she was in a room full of babies being care for by wonderful angels.  I am so thankful for our NICU nurse, Liz.  She was more than a nurse to me.  I had to have a C-section and almost died.  After 3 days, I finally was able to go see my baby in the next building.  She was hooked up to tubes and machines were making crazy sounds.  Even thinking about it now has me full of tears.  Nurse Liz made everything ok for me.  She helped me handle the separation.  She taught me and my daughter how to bond after 3 lost days.  She gave my daughter a start to life by being there for her when I could not be.
Thanks to Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital NICU team for inviting us to the Houston Zoo to reunite patients and caregivers.  This is the 6th annual celebration of life with family and friends. 
This was the first year we were able to attend this celebration.  I have always wanted to go back and thank nurse Liz.  I even called back a year later but she no longer worked at this location.  We were hoping to run into her here.  There were so many beautiful children at this wonderful celebration.  The Houston Zoo is always a fun place for our family.  Check our day at Houston Zoo Boo:

This shot looks like a green screen picture but it is us in the zoo.  I happen to look up and I saw my daughter's hospital.  My husband caught this in the moment shot of me showing her where she was born.

Thank you to all the men and women who work in the hospitals caring for our children in the NICU.  They are special angels in my book.  This was such a great event thanks to the hospital for hosting us.  We didn't get to see our nurse but wherever she is at, I wish her well.  I always have her in my thoughts and will never forget what she did for me.  Thanks Nurse Liz!

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