Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Premama Digestive Aid

When I was pregnant, I worried about everything that I put in my mouth because I did not want to hurt my baby.   
Thanks to MomSelect and Premama for sending a sample for review. All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

I know I have to clear the air and start with, I'm not pregnant.  Ok, now that we got that out of the way I can tell you all about this new product Premama has.  I first was introduced to Premama in 2013 when I found out they have drinkable prenatal vitamins.  And now they have come out with a digestive aid to support digestion and a healthy immune system during pregnancy.  I feel I have to share great products when I find them especially because it is something I wish was available when I was pregnant.   
Premama Digestive Aid is a new prenatal fiber and probiotic soft chew.  Formulated to help maintain digestive balance and boost the immune system naturally, Premama Digestive Aid delivers a daily probiotic solution in a delicious vanilla caramel-flavored chew.  Each chew contains 2g of dietary fiber and 1 billion+ CFUs of probiotics, which have shown through research to help maintain a healthy intestinal balance and support immune function, and may also help ease constipation, bloating, and other minor digestive discomforts associated with pregnancy. 

The vegetarian, naturally flavored chews can be eaten 1-4 times daily and are available in packs of 28.  It is like popping a candy, how easy is that.

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