Monday, September 12, 2016

Beating the Sickly Blues

My daughter started Pre-K this year.  She is now in big girl school.  One of the papers we received in our school package was the attendance policy.  We can plan for everything but we cannot predict if and when our kids will catch a cold.  All we can do is find relief for them, so they can get better sooner.
Thanks to Little Remedies and Walgreens for sending samples for review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Little Remedies provides families with safe and reliable formulas, using only the necessary ingredients to support the health and well-being of infants and children.

1. Little Remedies Sterile Saline Nasal Mist & Spray/Drop: Non-medicated relief that safely soothes and moisturizes dry, crusty nasal passages caused by low humidity, heated environments, air travel, allergies or colds.  It is 100% natural.  Suggested for all ages.

2. Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops: Helps relieve stomach discomfort due to excess gas.  It has no artificial flavors, no artificial colors or dye, no Saccharin or alcohol, and gluten free.  Suggested for all ages.   

3. Little Remedies Probiotics Plus Electrolytes (Digestive): It combines a probiotic and electrolytes in one convenient packet.  It helps maintain digestive health and help support hydration.  It has no artificial flavors, no dyes, and is gluten free.  Suggested for ages 1+.

When my son was born, he rarely got sick.  My daughter on the other hand regularly catches colds.  That is one of the differences when you go to daycare instead of grandma watching you at your own home.  My daughter would also suffer from tummy problems.  The nurse practitioner recommended us using natural remedies.  The doctor also explained how some kids are over medicated with too many antibiotics.  Little Remedies has always helped my daughter feel better when she needed relief and continues to help her now.  I hate to see my babies sick and I don't want them missing school either.

You can find Little Remedies at your local Walgreens.  From now through November 5th with the purchase of $15+ of Little Remedies products, you can receive 30% off at your local Walgreens Photo Center.

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vivaciousgold said...

I use little remedies products with my little one. They are the best products on the market especially for stuffy noses and colds.