Monday, September 19, 2016

Not Feeling PreK

We have had a rough start to our Academic career.  We have a feisty four year old who was not feeling PreK.  Littles sometimes do not know how to deal with change.  Their little worlds are turned upside down.  New routines, schedules, people, and places can be a lot for anyone to get used to.  A whole lot of new and none of the old comforts can be so scary.  This is exactly what happened. 

My poor daughter did not know how to deal with all that was going on.  Her emotions were all over the place.  As parent, we tried it all trying to find something to help her and at times we felt a little helpless.  We can try to control everything but some things are out of our hands.
Thanks to Moodsters for sending a character and sticker activity book.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

The school has been great and the teacher has been so helpful.  One of the suggestions they had for us was to get a sticker chart at home for our daughter's success.  We worked on a strategy that we could do at school and at home.  And it has been successfully working for us.  We work daily on handling our emotions wherever we go.  The sticker idea was a great idea.  
The Moodsters Plush Characters and Sticker Activity Books are based on the five lovable Moodsters detectives - Coz, Lolly, Quigly, Razzy, and Snorf - that each personify an emotion that all children experience in their everyday lives including happiness, anger, love, sadness and fear. Additional details include:
  • Each plush character features sayings specific to the emotions they represent
  • Comes with a fun and educational activity book to learn about each feeling
Lolly and the Moodsters sticker activity book was a great way to help us continue to talk to our daughter.  The book comes with guidelines and full of activities to help you and your child with their moods.  Ever have your kiddo throw a tantrum, why not give them a way to work through their emotions. 

At the point when I felt helpless, I was willing to try anything.  Who knew old school ways-stickers, would do the trick?  I did not know how we would get through the school year after that first week of school.  Now I see a light and am glad our daughter can have good days not only at home but at school too. 

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