Thursday, October 14, 2010

THE SOUND OF MUSIC in Movie Theaters!

Do you love the movie THE SOUND OF MUSIC? I remember the first time I saw this movie. I was in middle school. It was in my drama class. I have loved music ever since. And if you have never seen it or have never shared with it with your kiddos, here is your chance. Or if you are like me, and just want to see it again, check this out...

THE SOUND OF MUSIC is returning to over 500 movie theaters around the US for 2 nights only on October 19th and 26th in celebration of its 45th anniversary. The film has been newly restored (for the 1st ever Blu-ray release on November 2nd) and will include a sing-a-long!

So bring your kids and warm up your vocal chords! You can find theaters near you at

Here is a clip from I’ll Sing Once More showing how the film was restored for the Blu-ray release:

Here is a clip from THE SOUND OF MUSIC for your enjoyment:

find tickets in your area at:

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