Friday, October 15, 2010

MyGetTogether-Chex Mix Snacks "Game Day" MyGetTogether

I was picked to be a MyGetTogether host for a Chex Mix Snacks "Game Day" MyGetTogether. It is football season and we love to watch football. What a better snack then Chex Mix. Everyone loves Chex Mix at my house. They can create their own combination. We received Honey Nut, Traditional, and Turtle flavor Chex Mix. I could not tell which one was the favorite around the house because they ate it all. The Chex Mix bowl was being passed around being all the game watcher during snack breaks. You know guys and football. I received coupons to pass out to my guest for them to grab their bags for our next football watch party.

Chex Mix comes in 13 unique flavors: the 3 we received, and
Bold Party Blend
Sour Cream & Onion
Peanut Lovers
Hot & Spicy (my favorite!!!)
Dark Chocolate (ok no this is my favorite!!)
Peanut butter
Trail mix
Caramel Crunch

About MyGetTogether-
Do you enjoy hosting? Do you like trying the latest products and sharing them with friends? Then MyGetTogether is right for you! And it is easy to participate.

To participate in MyGetTogether, you will need to be a member of General Mills’ Pssst... network. Pssst... lets you try new products, take part in surveys, get exclusive, behind-the-scene looks at the company, as well as coupons from General Mills’ many brands.
Pssst... members may be contacted via email when there are possible MyGetTogether hosting opportunities. Or you may find upcoming events listed on your Personal Page.
You may be invited to take a short online survey to see if you qualify to host a particular event. Not all get-togethers will be available to everyone, but there will be plenty of opportunities.
If selected as a host, you will be responsible for arranging the get-together (with our help!) and inviting friends.
Tell us how it went! After the get-together, we want to hear from you and your experience with the product. We value your opinion and want to continue offering only the best.

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