Monday, June 14, 2010

Reality Check

So I have a few months before my wedding, and I had not tried on my dress. I know I got it too early but that was the dress and the size I saw myself in. Saturday morning, I had my son help me try to zip my dress, and guess what? It doesn't zip up.
I have been working really hard to get back down to my normal, regular size. It has been months since I started this mission. I only need 1 more dress size and have 3 months more to do it in. Well i just found out that we take pictures next month. My birthday is next month. 3 years ago, that dress would have been falling off of me. I have alot of work to do but I am comitted to this. Never loose your momentum you start off with, like I did. I have been playing mental games with myself. I have not lost any weight since March when I could see my final goal only 10 lbs away. These couple of months I have been playing with the scale. The scale says one thing on Friday, then on Monday I have gained 3 lbs, and by Friday I have lost it again. The weekends mess me up. I mess up my eating schedule, don't workout, and sleep, what sleep. This Saturday I recommitted myself to my goal. I readjusted my eating schedule, and workout schedule. My goal is to get into the dress, no matter how many lbs it takes. My fiancee tells me not to look at the scale. There are some fit people whos scale weight would scare me, so no more killing myself over that number. I will tell you that on Friday, and today, Monday I weigh the same. I gained no weight. I said no to drinking, I worked out, and I ate better.
I will get into my dress, and it will zip all the way up!
Are you trying to loose weight? Do you have a time frame? What helped you stay focused?

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