Monday, June 21, 2010

My wedding might just kill me

I have not been feeling good, and I have not been sleeping. I have woken up with puffy, dark circles under my eyes from little, to no sleep at all somedays. This past week I have been very worrysome because my eyes were acting crazy. I went to the eye doctor and everything was fine. So today I went to my doctor and she ran test on me. Guess what? Her diagnosis-my wedding is stressing me out. Not under are my oxygen levels really low, but my blood pressure is really high. The doctor said stress triggers Asthma, no wonder I haven't been able to breath. The stress that I did not know I was having is causing me to not sleep. The no sleep is making me tired and not be able to think. The not being able to think and concentrate is making me stressed. All this from a wedding that is a couple of months away. I never thought it would do this to my body. I don't feel as if I am stressing. I have the perfect guy who loves me, wants to marry me, and encourages me. I have wonderful family and friends who drop everything to help me. They have been there helping every step of the way. I have a great support system at work and at my gym. What else can a girl ask for?
But I guess my body is trying to tell me something I refuse to accept. As the date gets closer I am getting nervous. This is going to be one of the happiest days of our lives, and I need to accept the things that come my way.

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