Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zippity Doo’s™children’s hair care products review

Do you have kiddos? Do you have problems finding hair care products for them? I know growing up we did not have a variety of products. We used whatever our parents used, but not anymore. There are products specially for kids. It is pediatrician approved. They are laboratory tested and proven to help prevent infestation from lice and other insects. I dont know about you but I have alot of hair. SOme way or another this was a problem for me. My mom had to put harsh chemicals in my hair to get them out. My head was sensitive for weeks after. But now Zippity Doo’s™ hair children hair care products that are not harsh. I loved how they smelled. And the kiddos did not complain.
Directions for use
Mild enough for daily use. Wet hair thoroughly. Apply a small amount of shampoo and create lather with gentle massage. Rinse. Use as a first defense along with Zippity Doo’s™ Conditioner, Leave-In Detangler and Styling Gel to create maximum protection. For added protection, apply Zippity Doo’s™ Shield Spray on all personal belongings.

Zippity Doo’s™ Shampoo for Children was created to help repel lice and other insects from the hair. Made with a special combination of natural ingredients, including Vitamin D, Carrot Seed Oil, Alpha Hydroxy, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Tea Tree, Anise & Lavender designed to promote healthy hair & scalp while repelling lice & other insects.
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On our recent camping, we use the product on all the kiddos. To keep any criters from staying in their heads.
The product smelled great and they did not complain. Used as normal shampoo and conditioner.
My favorite was the detangler.
It worked wonders!!

Thank you to MomSelect for providing my family with Zippity Doo’s™children’s hair care products to review. No compensation was received for this review.

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