Monday, April 12, 2010

And the Battle continues...update

Wow, we are in April. Where did March go? There is so much that happenend in March. I did not loose any more weight. I actually gained weight, yes you heard right. Why am I not freaking out, you ask? Because I allowed it to happened, but the good news is I am not giving up. At the end of February beginning of March I was so over joyed, I lost so much weight that I was back into my clothes from 2 years ago. I was 155 lbs, and I was loving it. I won an opportunity to take the family to Great Wolf Lodge and we had fun.   And yes, I was on a mini-vacation so I cheated. But I didn't gain any weight.  The following week, we went on Spring Break vacation. It was great. I packed my bags. It was so easy to pack my bags because everything fit. My bestfriends, their families, and us camping. We packed food to cook, so I didn't think I would do so bad.

 Well, 7 lbs later, maybe a pound a day. I gained weight. Ok, so we all did. I thought gaining weight but be the end for me, and my weight loss challenge, but it was not. I am comfortable with the challenge. I do have to tell you that I have been working very hard all of March to loose the extra pounds I gained in 1 week. It has been hard because this month we have been extra busy. We went to the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo to see the Black Eye Peas. And who can say no to some BBQ? I know I can't. One thing I must admit is that it has been hard to say no at times to food. It doesn't help that my dad is staying with us and makes us breakfast everyday. My dad was a very good Chef for corporate America in his good ole' days. I cannot say no, he will make sure I eat it. Sometime sin the evenings when I get home from the gym, he makes me a sandwich or a snack. He means well, but I do not need it. So in conclusion, I got to a comfortable point and I got too happy with my success. Now I must fight to regain my pace. I have lost all but 3 of the 7 lbs I gained. I weigh in at 158 currently.

The beginning of April looks great. I am keeping up with my workout routine. I am not keeping my food schedule as I should but am trying my best to get back on track. The best news is I am down to a size 8 in some things and 10 is fitting loose more and more each day. So no matter what I weigh I am seeing a difference. I cleaned out my closet this weekend, and most of my closet is S-M. Good bye L and XL.

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aggie said...

You go girl. Keep up the good work.