Monday, November 6, 2017

AtHome for Christmas

One of my favorite times of the year has to definitely be Christmas.  It is the time of year that for some reason the air, the sounds, and even our homes are different.
This is a compensated post in collaboration with AtHome Stores and MomSelect.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

The air is already different and not because the seasons are changing but because of all the things happening.  Everyone needs a little family, lots of laughter, and an open door.  This is why I am prepping my house early so I can start hosting our friends and family.  I want to spread cheer, so everyone will leave grinning from ear to ear.  As I start thinking where to start, the first room that comes to mind is the restroom.  Sometimes, this is the room that is last to get some love.
But this is the room that everyone visits just as much as the kitchen.  I figure if I start with one room at a time, I won't be so overwhelmed either.  Plus it is the smallest room too.

First, take everything you do not need in the room.  Start with a clean slate.  This is also the perfect time to check to see if you need to get rid of some things.  Cleansing is good for the soul.
Second, think our your color scheme.  My favorite color is blue but by my restroom is green.  When I think about Christmas, I see lots of red, white, and green.
Third, think about your favorite things and use them as your inspiration.  I love stars, earthy one with nature decor, and purposeful things.
Lastly, you may not be crazy about Christmas colors.  Some people hate all things red.  But just a little pop of color can make a big difference.
Combine all these things to help you transition your space from everyday to holiday!

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