Friday, April 7, 2017

No Salesman Car Shopping #HOULovesAutos

Have you ever dared to go to a dealer to just to look around?  There is no such thing.  The salesmen make you feel like fresh meat from the minute you drive in.  They are ready to pounce on you.
Thanks to the Houston Auto Show for inviting me to the Preview Party.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

I have had some horrible experiences at dealerships and have ended up just leaving disappointed.  Why?  A really pushy salesman or salesmen can really ruin your experience to walk around, look, and check out all that is available on the lot. Also, the selection.  If you are like me, you may not know what you want until you see it, feel it, touch it and drive it.
The 2017 Houston Auto Show is back at NRG.  A mall of cars under 700,000 square feet with the latest autos from the world’s top automakers under one roof.  And trust me, there are no pushy salesmen trying to sell you cars. You can walk around, get in the cars, and even test drive.
Why ride and drive?  Take the autos out for a spin.  Try them all. Get comfortable.  Ask all the questions from the knowledgeable people available at each test drive who are not salesmen.  The car facts are there for you to see the real numbers.  If you decide you want more information, sign up to receive the information you want and even receive exclusive auto show offers.
Knowledgeable car representatives are available in each area.  You can connect with your favorite brand.  Don't have a favorite?  You do not have to have a favorite.  Put them all to the test.

Get in the cars.  Heck, get the entire family in.  How do like the vehicle?  Do they fit comfortably?
 Is there enough room for you and your needs? Is there trunk space?  Be realistic about your needs.
 Find out the facts.  What does this vehicle have that the others do not?  Is it a smart vehicle? 
How safe is this vehicle?  Are there extra features available?  What is the latest and greatest?
Get all your questions answered.  Don't need a new car.  You are just a car enthusiast.  There are beautiful classics to drool over and there is even an auction to partake in.

The Houston Auto Show is family friendly.  Bring your walking shoes because there is a lot to cover from one side to the other side, indoors and outdoors.  Don't forget your driver's license if you want to do the ride and drive. 

APRIL 05 - 09, 2017

WED - FRI : Noon - 9.30 pm
SAT : 10 am - 9.30 pm
SUN : 10 am - 7 pm
Adult - $12.00
Kids - $5.00 (6-12 yrs old)

Tickets are available at

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