Monday, April 3, 2017

Happy 10 Year Anniversary To The Mister

Social media has changed my life.  Ten years ago, I took the chance of sending the Mister a message on social media.  Ten years ago, he replied back. 
We became inseparable from the minute we started hanging out.  We actually have known each other since we were younger.  We went to school together but we didn't even have each other on our radars.  I never thought one quick hello would lead to many future hellos that followed with kisses.
The Mister and I had more than our old schools in common.  Who knew that a nerd and cool cat would ever end up together?  They say opposites attract, right?  But we actually had many things we do both like.  We share the love of music, baseball, and many more things. 
Funny thing is time has flown by and we feel like we have been together longer.  Like our wedding song said, "God bless the broken road that led me straight to you!" 

In any relationship, it is all about give and take.  You both have to participate.  You both have to communicate.  Some lessons have been harder than others.  But the one thing I know, is that together we stand facing it all.  It is not all fairytales.  Life throws you curveballs.  Our team got a little bigger along the way.  We have gone from three to four.  I thought all was complete until our daughter was born.  I never knew something was missing until we were blessed with her in our lives. 

You never know where life will lead you.  You have to be willing to try.  We never thought this is where we would be but we are both happy this is where we are. 
Happy 10 year anniversary to the Mister.  Ready for many more seasons to some.  And in case you are wondering, today is the Houston Astros opening day which is one of our traditions we celebrate together. 


Unknown said...

Happy 10 years...well worth celebrating!!!

Unknown said...

Happy 10th anniversary! Such a sweet post. Beautiful couple. I met my husband 8 years ago online too.

Unknown said...

aaaaawwww HAPPY 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! You guys are goals!!! <3 M

Unknown said...

What a great love story, Happy Anniversary!

Candice said...

Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful couple. I think it's great that you two celebrate your own traditions together. This month is gonna be our 15th, it's like the years just flew by.

Unknown said...

Lovely ! Happy 10th year anniversary !

Unknown said...

OMG! I think it's absolutely adorable that you guys met on social media! I wish that would happen to me!!!!! Happy Anniversary!