Friday, March 3, 2017

Fitness Friday-Viva La Color 5K

This year we are trying new things with my kids.  Previously my son and I participated in a color run with a big group of our friends.  We had not participated in another one since then.  My Lil Bit had yet to experience this fun and energetic run.  I feel that at five years old she could handle all the fun.
Did you know Viva means to live or to be alive?  This is how we should live life like we are alive.  This is what I am teaching my kids this year that life is meant to be lived. 
 The weather was being brutal this morning as it was in the low 60s and the wind was not dying down at all.  We were freezing.  Luckily my daughter's sweater was in our vehicle.  We had brought towels for after the race that we ended up wrapping her in.   She stayed warm before the race in her wagon.
 How did our race go?  Well a 5K is a little hard for little feet.  It is a long distance if they have never done this distance before.  A color run is a lot of fun but there are no water stations, no porta potties along the race route, and other than the few color stations; it is still a race. 

Right from the start my daughter wanted to go potty.  I think it was the cold weather because I got the urge as well.  I have to give it to Lil Bit, she hung in the entire time.  I ended up carrying her (all 36 lbs) on my shoulders and piggy back from color station to color station.  I asked her if she wanted to quick at one point where it looked like we could just cut through but she said no.  She loved getting the colors squirted at her.  I loved watching her go through the color stations.  I loved how so many people were so encouraging and were cheering me on as they past me up.  I heard things like:
"Way to go Mom", "You got this", "Yall almost done, keep it up", etc...
 At the end, I put her down and she bolted to the finish line.  She is really fast like her brother.  I can see some Cross Country or Track in her future.  Daddy caught the finish line picture.
 My son started and ended the race like a champ.  This was not a timed race but my husband said my son finished within the first 10 people.   
I pulled the rear like always.  Check out my tutu, yeah that's the wind still blowing like crazy.
Everyone who finished got a medal at the finish line.  We had a blast on the run.  The after party was a big dance, color party that my daughter did not want to leave.  Viva la Color!

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