Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cinderella Birthday Party

I am a little late with sharing my daughter's birthday day from December but I have to share.  I love how everything came together.  The day was magical and my daughter was so happy.  My daughter was not even one when I decided that her 5th birthday party theme would be Cinderella.  I want it to be magical.  Years ago when my son was five a mom was sharing her birthday party plans for her daughter with me.  She said in Mexican tradition they celebrate their daughter's at age 5 by throwing them a huge birthday party like a Quinceañera but it is called a Cincociera.  I was sold.  If I ever had a daughter, she was going to have one.  Years went by and I finally had my baby girl.  If you don't remember I call her my miracle baby because I almost lost her at 15 weeks when I was having a miscarriage.  Each year we celebrate this beautiful gift we received.

For the party decorations, I want to take everyone on a journey of her five years of life.  Flashback of some of our favorite memories we have had throughout the years with our Lil Bit.

Entrance-I had this sign cut out of corrugated.  We spray painted it silver.  We had blue birds cut out as well.  I added blue strips of ribbon for each year she has lived.
The main table had the cake, cake pops, and candy.  I had several candy stations throughout the house for everyone to enjoy.  I made candy centerpieces that everyone got to take home.  I did not even get a change to take a picture of those. 

I used paper flowers for the background, thanks to Joanna from Flores De Madame Mariposa

The birthday cake was made by my coworker.  Her cakes are delicious.  All the kids enjoyed the Cinderella cake pops.
We even had a photo booth section for all the guests to take pictures with Cinderella and Prince Charming.  The crown we had cut out and used for a previous birthday party.  We spray painted it gold for this party.  We also cut a carriage out and spray painted it with the theme colors.  It took many coats of glitter to get this affect but it was perfect.  Everyone enjoyed taking pictures with our Princess.
We set up a tent to keep the cold out.  The centerpieces were fabric pumpkins I found at the At Home Store right after Halloween.  They were the perfect color.  I had enough to give each Madrina/Padrino (sponsor).  I also printed pictures of the birthday girl that I put in silver and gold frames that we also gave to family members with thank you cards my daughter had personally signed.  I had big glitter blue bows on the columns of the tent that I got from the dollar store at Christmas time.
Even the piñata was a life-size Cinderella.  It was custom made for my daughter's birthday party.
Our princess loved every part of her birthday party.  She did not want to take her dress off even after the clock stroke midnight.  I think the best gift was daddy being her Prince Charming.
It was a lot of hard work to pull this off.  The vision I had in my head came to life.  And seeing how happy this made her was all the thank you I needed.  This was my gift to her. 


Brenda Cisneros said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! I love the party decor, it looks you had a lot of fun!

Unknown said...

her daddy dressed as the prince photo almost made me cry! This party is just what any princess would want, the photo booth, gorgeous cake (props to your co-worker) and the decorations!! You are an awesome mommy! <3 thank you for sharing this moment with us!

Unknown said...

How adorable. I love that her dad was Prince Charming!

Unknown said...

I am sucker for anything Disney themed! But having her dad dress up as the prince - OMG that sold me! Great job pulling this off!

Mizz Alvarado said...

Aww it all came out so great!

Unknown said...

Sooo cute!!! I have a 4 year old and she would love a party like this for her next birthday! Great job

Unknown said...

Ok.....why am I tearing up with that last pic? That is soooooo precious and she'll remember that forever. Daddy as her Prince Charming. I'm very jealous of this birthday party! hahahaha. I love old school Disney movies and Cinderella is one of my favorites! You guys did such an amazing job with this party from the decorations to her dress! I'm so glad that she had a great time!

Entling No. 1 said...

Adorable and creative decorations. Looks like everyone had a fun time.