Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Wellness Kit

I have been traveling from Houston to Dallas for the past 2 months and one thing I have noticed is that the sneezing and coughing around me is getting worse and worse.  When I left Dallas it was in the 40s.  I got to Houston and it was in the 70s.  Yesterday it went from 80s down to the 30s.  No wonder people are getting sick.  It is like we have 2 seasons this Winter.  What are we to do?
Let's start from the inside - out.

1) BLIS K12-It has been developed specifically for mouth, ear, and throat health. It is shelf stable and has no need to be refrigerated, perfect to take on the go. Don't forget to throw some in your travel bags. 

Products like:

-Now Foods Oralbiotic Blis K12

-TrueOC Quick Melt (Oral Care Probiotics with Aloe)

-OralProbio 30 Chewable Tablets

2) Green Goo-Stay prepared while you travel with a handy kit that has it all.

-First Aid –Portable First Aid offering symptom relief replacing more than 20 of your traditional first aid products including cuts, scrapes, sunburns, bug bites, even poison ivy and cold sores!

-Dry Skin – Soothes extremely dry skin such eczema, psoriasis and hot, itchy flaky rashes and makes for a great heat to toe moisturizer.

-Skin Repair –Treats sunspots, wrinkles, and scars with aloe Vera and vitamin E and a nightly anti-aging facial moisturizer.

-Pain Relief –Helps with bruises, inflammation, sore muscles, joint pain and sprains.

3) Boogie Wipes-The doctor has always told us that it is good when the boogers are coming out because that means they are not getting stuck in your lungs.  It is the way your body flushes out the system. These wipes are extra soft, gentle, and are an effective alternative to a dry tissue.

4) Aveeno Ezcema Therapy-Made from nature, proven by science, recommended by professionals. Steroid-free, fragrance-free products that relieve dry, itchy, irritated skin due to eczema and intensely moisturize to help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and prevent the recurrence of dry skin.

5)  Johnson's Bedtime-Clinically proven routine helps baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

-Releases NATURALCALM® essences—a special blend of gentle and calming aromas

-NO MORE TEARS® formula is as gentle to the eyes as pure water

-Dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic

-Formulated to keep baby’s skin feeling soft

Keep you and your family healthy this season by using one or more of these products.  As you travel, keep yours protected.  Wishing you lots of wellness this season.

***Disclosure-Sample products were received for review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience and preference. 

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