Monday, June 6, 2016

Bugs Be Gone-I have Green Goo

Summer time is here.  What do you do when it is Summer?  We hang out outdoors.  But in Houston, it has been raining cats and dogs.  We can't seem to catch a break.  Rain = mosquitos.  We already have to worry about the sun, and now we have to worry about the Zika virus. 
Thanks to Green Goo for sending me samples of their product to review.  All opinions stated are my based on my personal experience.

I have a 4 year old who loves the outdoors.  She cannot be contained.  She gets bumps, scraps, bites, and everything else with being a kid just being a kid.  I have no worries about that but what I do have worries about are insect bites, cuts, and scrapes that could lead to illnesses or disease. One of my friend's son got a cut and ended up in the hospital almost dying from a staph infection.  I recently had a spider bite which I thought was a harmless mosquito bite that grew into a really bad infection.  We, as parents, can take things to lightly now a days.  There is also the threat of what we put on our kids, those chemicals harming them as well.  The things we put on them to protect them, actually harming them.  So more and more, I am doing more research into all natural products.

Sierra Sage / Green Goo formulas are created using timeless herbal wisdom with organic ingredients to produce Food for Your Skin™. We are Rethinking First Aid™ with petroleum and artificial free ingredients. Our First Aid products are the first defense without increasing antibiotic resistance. We strive to bring the farm into the pharmacy by carefully selecting only the purest, most sustainable herbs and essential oils to create medicinal everyday products.

-Formulated by a Certified Herbalist

-Free of parabens, lanolin, mineral oil, glycerin, silicon and petrochemicals

-Made with certified organic herbs and 100% pure grade essential oils
-Environmentally friendly, recyclable and post-consumer recycled containers

-Gluten free, 100% Vegetarian

-Family owned and operated

Green Goo® First Aid is an all purpose healing salve.  It is like having a first aid kit all in one tin!   Petroleum & Artificial Ingredients Free.

Replaces over 25 items in your First Aid kit including but not limited to Neosporin, Hydrocortisone, Calamine for Poison Ivy, any anti-itch, anti-fungal
  • safe for you, your children and your pets including but not limited to dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, horses, cattle
  • portable First Aid for the first time
  • versatile
  • First Aid Dressing
  • works better than your traditional brands
  • natural
What I liked most about Green Goo was that it was multi-purpose.  I can carry this in my pocket on our walks, runs, or even on our bike rides.  My daughter likes it because it doesn't sting like other medicine.  She likes when I massage it on. 

It helps relieve symptoms associated with:

• Insect Bites
• Cuts and Scrapes
• Cracked Hands
• Poison Ivy
• Cold Sores
• Sunburns
• Chapped lips
• Blisters
• Ingrown toenails
• Fungal infections
• Chafing

Did you say Chafing?  Yes, I have thunder thighs and my thunder thighs needed some relief.  Runners, joggers, or walkers will understand the need for chafing relief. 

Bugs Be Gone is a blend of organic herbs and essential oils that help keep the bugs away.  It is an outdoor spray that works and is safe to spray directly on your skin.  It is made with herb infused Witch Hazel.  Deet free. Citronella free.  Chemical free.  Oil free.  Does not stain clothing.

Great for the entire family: Adults, Children, and Pets.

Helps to Keep those Pesky Bugs Away:
*Fleas and ticks

*Witch Hazel Extract, Distilled Water, *Yarrow, *Sage, and a special blend of Essential Oils: *Geranium, *Lemon Eucalyptus, *Lemongrass, *Cedarwood, *Mint,  and *Lavender.
*Certified USDA Organic.

I have been lightly spraying Bugs Be Gone on my legs.  I wear a lot of dresses to work and on my lunch hour I like to walk the park.  Those pesky mosquitoes had been attacking me on my walks.  The other mosquito sprays were not as effective.  Also, I could not spray my toes.  The sprays always messed up my nail polish, not sure why?  Bugs Be Gone has been working.

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