Tuesday, May 17, 2016

An Evening with CHI

What does your day consist of?  A mom's job is never done whether you start with diapers, or drops offs.  We do so much for our kids and family, but what do we do for ourselves? 
Thanks to Farouk for inviting the Houston Latina Bloggers for a special evening of pampering which included make overs with before and after photoshoot.

Our evening started with each of us arriving with no make up and no product in our hair. 
I normally do not wear any make up.  When I do wear make up, my go to items are eye shadow, mascara, a little blush, and lip gloss or lip stick.  Only for special events or date nights, do I get the full face done by me.  Trial and error and watching lots of you tube, lol.  This is, dark circles-no sleep-big bags, ME.  My hair is another story.  I am typically a bun or pony chick.  When I go out and get all dolled up, the hair gets straighten out or curly cued.  It all depends on how I feel or how much time I have.  As a mom, I don't have a lot of time.  I'm always the last one to get ready, after I have gotten everyone else ready first.  So when I received the invitation to come and get a make over, I showed up.  Not just any invitation, Farouk.  In March, I told you about the exclusive behind the scenes at Farouk Systems.  I was happy to come back for a make over thanks to the wonderful Lonestar CHI Cosmetology students and the talented make up artists.

We started out by meeting our Hair Stylists.  Then we were taken to get our before pictures.  We came back to get our make overs.  I got Samantha who is on her last month of school.  She first took me to the wash bar.  She washed my hair and gave me a wonderful much needed massage.  Came back to her chair to work her magic.  I asked her to do wild curls on me.  It seems like that is the style that everyone is currently using.  I recently got my hair cut into a reversed bob with Balayage highlights.  I was ready to show off my new style.  Samantha used the Farouk Royal Treatment products on me.  They smell so good.  This was so fitting because I felt like we were getting the royal treatment by all the CHI staff.  They were so nice and friendly.  Once I got my hair done, I headed to the make up chair where Melissa hooked me up.  Afterwards, we headed back to the studio to take our after shots.  The photographer was so funny.  He told me to channel J Lo.  I told him we shared a birthday, how did he know that was my kinda chick to channel.  Fierce, strong, unstoppable-J Lo, a daughter, a mom, a Superstar!  My lioness came out, check out the pictures from the my day.
We come in all shapes, colors, and sizes but one thing we have in common is that we are Latinas.  This is an awesome group of ladies.  We had a lot of fun.  We usually do not have a glam squad ready to make us over like we did this time.  Thanks again to Farouk Systems it was a wonderful evening.

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A.M. said...

That is so hip!!! You look great girl!! I wish I lived in Houston so I could attend all the events with you all!