Saturday, January 2, 2016

XS Energy Burn Review

***Disclosure-Sample product was received for review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

I have been so busy.  Some days I need caffeine to stay awake.  There are not enough hours in my days.  Trying to balance my family, work, and my health. 
All work and no play you say?  Lacking energy, tired?

Yes to all of the above. 

I received a pack of XS® Energy + Burn - Strawberry.  In my house what is in the fridge is game for anyone, so me and my guys put XS to the test.  We each have busy schedules.  Long hours at work and school, and trying to fit exercise in as well.

I like that XS helps with:


How, you say?  Well each 8.4 oz can has:

-125 mg of Essentra® to help the body adapt to stress and deliver mental clarity.
-150 mg of WellTrim® iG (African Mango Seed Extract) to help the body feel fuller, longer and ignite the burn.
-A proprietary blend of herbs and vitamins for a boost of positive energy.
I liked that it helped give me energy for my day without the sugar fix.   XS Energy Burn is only 10 calories and total carbs are only 2 grams.  I liked the strawberry flavor.  I have tried other energy drinks and they have made me sick.  One even sent my heart into a soar, I thought I was dying.  

XS Energy + Burn helped us get through some though days. 

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