Sunday, July 12, 2015

Skincare Sunday-SeabuckWonders New Ultimate Hair, Skin and Nails

***Disclosure-Sample product was provided.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Stop look at your nails...

Do you have split ends?

How is your skin doing?

Lately I am a hot mess which includes my brittle nails, split ends, and my super sensitive skin.  I am getting older this month and I am reevaluating my habits.  I have taken multivitamin supplements before to make sure that I am getting all the vitamins I need.  SeabuckWonders is a brand I like.  They have a new product I recently have started to take.
SeabuckWonders has a new Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails supplement.  It is the only Hair, Skin & Nails product to feature both Biotin and Sea Buckthorn Oil with rare Omega-7 for U.S. consumers.  The vegan, 100% natural and gluten-free supplement supports healthy complexion, strong nails and shiny hair for lasting, healthy beauty.
The best way to fight brittle hair, skin and nails is with cellular support, as external remedies do not get to the root of the problem. With the unique combination of Sea Buckthorn Oil and Biotin, SeabuckWonders Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails provides numerous benefits in one.

Benefits of Biotin & Sea Buckthorn
Biotin is a B vitamin that helps improve the keratin protein structures in hair, skin and nails for natural strength and softness. It also helps prevent hair loss, drying or scaling skin and other symptoms associated with B vitamin deficiencies.
SeabuckWonders Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails includes a 30-day supply of 60 softgels for $34.99.

The entire SeabuckWonders collection of supplements and personal care products includes Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil softgels, and Omega-7 Complete softgels, as well as a Facial Cream, Body Lotion, Exfoliating Cleanser and Deep Hydrating Serum. The line is available at select Whole Foods and specialty stores nationwide.

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