Friday, April 24, 2015

Flick Friday-My Little Pony Tales

***Disclosure-Sample product was received for review.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Did you grow up watching My Little Pony?  It was one of my favorite shows.  I wanted to collect all the ponies.  Well this classic TV series has been put together on DVD and it is coming April 28.
It is a 2-DVD set that includes all 13 episodes of the show, originally airing on television in 1992, as well as sing-alongs.  You can rejoin your 7 Pony Friends—Starlight, Sweetheart, Melody, Bright Eyes, Patch, Clover and Bon Bon. 

Episodes include:

Disc 1                                                                                
Slumber Party / Too Sick To Notice                                 
Battle Of The Bands / And The Winner Is…                        
Stand By Me / The Tea Party                                              
The Masquerade / Out Of Luck                                          
The Play’s The Thing / Shop Talk                                    
Impractical Joker/ The Great Lemonade Stand Wars        
Blue Ribbon Blues / Roll Around The Clock

Disc 2

Princess Problems / An Apple For Starlight
Up, Up And Away / Sister Of The Bride
Birds Of A Feather / Send In The Clown
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart / Gribet
Bon Bon’s Diary / Just For Kicks
Ponies In Paradise / Who’s Responsible
Bonus Features:

My daughter was fascinated with the ponies.  When I popped in the DVD, she was glued.  She wanted to keep watching to see all the pony adventures.  She loves horses, unicorns, and ponies.  These DVDs have now become her favorite to watch.  We even have to take them with us so she can watch in the car when we go places.  If you have a little girl, I recommend getting this set.  I know I enjoyed watching them with my daughter.  It took me back to my childhood.

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