Friday, April 17, 2015

Fitness Friday-Texas Children's Hospital Family Fun Run

Our 2nd family fun run happened this past Saturday, the Texas Children's Hospital Fun Run.
This was an easy 1K or 3K course.  It was easy to change from one or the other.  There were about 3,400 participants.  I registered the entire family to do this fun run.  The day was perfect.  We had a great time.  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel since I have been dealing with Vertigo for the past 3 weeks.  Check out some of our pictures from the days event:

The importance of fun runs is to have fun.  We have a great time as a family.  My son was felling to well so he decided to stay with me.  Eventually I told him to just leave me.  My body is not in running shape so i was slow poking it but I made it.  He did too.  He finished way before me and was waiting at the finish line for me.  Dad and Lil Bit were with the stroller crew and had to wait for the waves to finally allow them to start 20 minutes after we did.  Dad was not a happy camper since he is so competitive.  Our daughter decided she was gonna ride.  She did managed to jump out of the stroller after the run to join in all the fun at the after party.
Free food, drinks, moonwalks, games, and prizes had the entire family entertained.  Gonna add this one to my favorites and remember to sign us up next year.

Do you have favorite runs you like to participate?  Are they fun runs or are you in it to win like my husband?  What is your next run?

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