Friday, January 25, 2013

Fitness Friday-Running Shoes

So before I became very involved with running, I always looked at running as an athlete sport only for those in shape.  i.e. not me!!  So when the thought of me running was brought up, I laughed.  Really hard.  But when I did it I felt great!  Accomplished.

Then I started to love it.  I ran as much as I could.  I started slow, small mileage, and many days of rest in between.  But soon I found out that running like any sport will need to be done with the proper shoes.  If you do not have the proper shoes you will not be ready.  I found out fast that I needed real running shoes in order to keep up with as much running as I was doing.  So what do to:

Every runner should go to a shoe store where they can be fitted for the correct running shoes for them.  Why?

Because if you are wearing the wrong shoes, you can-

-get black toe nails
-nails break and crack
-blisters all over feet
-make you want to stop running from all of the above and you could hurt yourself...

I suffered from blistered right at the beginning.  I tried switching shoes.  My feet would get numb while running.  My toe nails would hurt alot.  I needed to get some kind of relief if I was going to continue...

I went to a store that actually has a treadmill with a camera attached to it.  You run with your current shoes and they watch you.  They showed me the video of my running.  I actually do not run correctly and need shoes that help correct that.  Also, I was running in the wrong size shoe.  I was normally a size 6.5 but when they measured my feet, they suggested a 7.5.  See when you run, especially long distances your feet swell.  They need room to expand.  Running shoes are not like everyday shoes but that is what I was treating them like.  They selected different shoes for me to try and I ran around the store and on the treadmill.  They showed me the difference and the video said it all.  I bought those shoes and I have no complaints now.  Other than, I wish I was  Also,

Shoes wear out, so replace your shoes often if you are consistently running in them.

Your feet are your tools for running.  The shoes are protection they need to work properly.  Your feet will thank you.  Take care of your feet, they are yours for life!


Pamela M. Kramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

What store?

Independentmami said...

Texas Running Company in Sugarland. But there are others like, Fleet Feet, Luke's Locker, and Finish Strong Sports.