Friday, January 11, 2013

Fitness Friday-Challenging Yourself

Hello all!  So how are we doing?  It is Day #11 of this New Year!  By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.  We made it to another one.  So what was your new year's resolution?  Any fitness goals, weight-loss challenges, or did you totally X both of those out this year?

Well for me as you know I am still trying to lose weight to get to my healthy weight per the charts.  It has been hard but I no longer worship the # on the scale.  I refuse to let it destroy me.  This year I am focusing on improvement-all improvements which includes my health, body, and mind.  A friend posted on their Facebook wanting to run 2013 miles in the 2013.  I thought to myself and thought how hard could that be.

Let's break it down-
2013 - year
167.75 - month
38.71 - week
5.52 - day

So I thought I would try to achieve 2013 miles as well.  So far this are my #'s-

1-3.09 mi
2-4.49 mi
3-3.05 mi
6-6.00 mi
7-5.00 mi

Total - 21.65 mi

So are you up to the challenge, run or walk 2013 miles?  Challenge yourself this year and see how great you can do!

Upcoming Fitness Challenge for me-Aramco Houston Half Marathon (13.1 miles) Sunday 1/13

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