Monday, October 31, 2011

2012 Chevy Traverse ~ Diamond Edition Review

So I had the wonderful opportunity to test drive a 2012 Chevy Traverse ~ Diamond Edition for 2 whole weeks. We are a Chevy family. And were very glad to be able to test drive the Traverse. Check out my favortie features:

-compartments-I love all the extra compartments. I like that I can keep items hidden or tucked away in the Traverse.
-steering wheel-I love that the steering wheel moves up and down, and in and out. It adjusted to fit my pregnant belly.
-3rd row-I love the 3rd row seating. I like that you can fit adults, comfortably in the back. The Traverse is made to fit adult legs.
-rear AC-My son loved this. He was able to control the temperature in the back for all the back seat passengers. No more freezing mom to keep the back cool.
-Rear Space-The 3rd row can easily be folded down for space. And there are easy to use latches to pull the seats back to where they belong. I especially like this because I am short and the belly. There is also a hidden compartment back here.
-heated and cooled seats-Houston weather, you never know which button you may need this Fall.
-10 to 12 cup holders

This vehicle is a crossover. For those people who need the van space but want a kinda car/suv look, Traverse is for you. Most guys wont get caught in the uncool mommy vehicle, but this is one is cool enough so says my husband. Not your typical mommy vehicle.  And best of all, it seats 8.

8 is enough in the Traverse from Alba Garza on Vimeo.

Would you like to test drive a Chevy Traverse? Check it out for yourself...
Test Drive a Chevy Traverse between October 31 and November 26 and receive a $40 SpaFinder gift card.

***Disclosure-I test drove the Traverse for 2 weeks. I received a gas card and a spa certificate for my time. These are my honest opinions. I am a Chevy Girl!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Travers. I WANT ONE. Talk about you were a spoiled gal. I love your video and your spunky personality. The one that I want is the cloth interior instead of the leather. This vehicle would do great in our snowy weather being a 4WD. Thanks for your review. Patricia

Carmen Ortiz said...

Thanks for the review. We will buy a new car in December. I'd like a Chevy Traverse. I love your video.