Monday, December 20, 2010

Dial® Healthier You Week 4-Me Time

Dial Diaries Week 4-Me Time

It has been such a great experience helping you achieve better health and skin. My final tip is about finding that special time for yourself, something I like to call “me time.”

Carving out some special “me time” isn’t selfish; it’s actually extremely important to spend time taking care of yourself. Stress and poor sleep habits can contribute to health issues and lackluster skin that’s prone to breakouts.

With all of the multitasking that goes on in our busy lives, you’re probably wondering how to squeeze some “me time” into your life. First, get organized! That means scheduling your entire week, from planning menus to shopping for everything at once and cooking for the week on Sunday. When it comes to skin care, Dial® NutriSkin™ body wash cleanses and moisturizes in one step.

The most important part of “me time” is figuring out what will make you happier, even for a brief moment, everyday. Is it reconnecting with a past hobby or finding a new one? Maybe it’s taking a bubble bath, having a cup of your favorite tea while meditating or reading a few pages of that book you’ve been meaning to pick up. You’ll find yourself invigorated and energized with even the smallest amount of “me time” — I guarantee it.

- Amy

Independentmami-Me Time is very important. As my name says it all Independentmami knews her time to be Independent. I started blogging to let my feelings and thoughts out. This is my me time. My husband knows when I am blogging I am like in my own world. I releases my stress. I like bubble baths while I listen to music. It relaxes me from everything that has been happening whether good or bad. My husband also helps me relax with massages. It all depends what heals you and renews you. It has been great going through this for these weeks learning.

Disclosure-I received a product to review. I am also passing along information from Dial. These are my honest opinions.

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