Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 tips for stylish layering techniques for all occasions

I love fall and winter. I love it because it is nice cool or cold weather. I love to layer clothes. Do you want to know why? Because it helps me hide my tummy. In the Fall and Winter, you can layer clothes so you don't have to carry or wear a big jacket. Houston is not a cold city. One day it is hot and another it is freezing, but again freezing for us because we don't see cold weather. But you can also layer in the Spring and Summer months. I have gotten the hang of layering my clothes just by trial and error, here are my 10 tips to layering your clothes any season. I am including pictures from my albums to show you how I layered my looks.

1) Camisole-I love to wear long camisoles under my clothes. I like the ones that have tummy control or a bra already. It is great when you are trying to just be relaxed. The girls can breath in a camisole, sometimes bras are not so friendly to the girls. The girls need a break. Here in my picture, I am wearing a camisole with a bra under my sleeveless shirt for New Years Eve.

2) half jackets-If you have a sleeve shirt you just love to wear but you need to dress it up, add a half jacket. I love my half jacket. I can add it to dresses or shirts. It completes my outfits. They come in different colors and materials. Here in the picture, My bestfriends and I are wearing half jackets on top of sleeveless shirts. It dressed up our night out look.

3) vest-I love to add vest to my look. It changes your look. You can take a plain shirt and add a vest, new outfit. Here in the picture, It is Rodeo time in Houston. I got my vest on top of my long sleeve shirt that I wore to work.
4) Muscle shirts-I wear muscle shirts alot during the spring and summer. I layer them to add color to my outfits. Combine different colors for different looks.

5) Long Sleeve Shirts-In the fall when the weather is dropping I like to wear long sleeves shirts under my shirts. It keeps me warm, no need for a jacket. Especially on a marathon or a 5K walk, long sleeve shirts come in handy. Here in this picture that was taken this past Sunday. I did a 5K. The temperature in Houston has been in the 70s during the day but on this Sunday the sun never came out. I was prepared.

6) dress-Wear a dress as a shirt and add some jeans. This look is a great look for those short mini dresses that may not fit like they use to. Like in my case, this is a dress that I wear as a shirt.

7) Spagetti shirts-I add spagetti shirts in the summer to oufits. It is great when you go to a park or the beach. Add the Spagetti shirt and now you dont have to worry about the girls showing too much.

8) Jackets-Add a jacket to your look even when it is warm outside. I love to wear jackets. I have them in all colors. I have denim, fleece, courdoroy, and dress jackets. I love to wear them to work.

9) sweaters-I have long sweaters, and short sweaters. I wear all year long. They make for great add ons to any outfit.
10) Under shirts-I love to get under shirts for my son that are different colors and throw them on under his plaid or striped shirts. This look never gets old. It also works with us ladies. Have a nive button down shirt you like but have gained alittle in the middle. I throw an undershirt on, and leave my shirt on open. I love to use this look. You can wear jeans, or skirts with this look.
My weigh varies throughout the year, but it varies during the month. I like to say right now I am wearing a bloated size 8. So these tips help me with my bloated size size 8. The layering will allow you to get back into your size. You don't need to buy new clothes. Want to get your moneys worth, then make more than one outfit and look from the same pieces. Layered them on. Play with your clothes in front of your mirror. I hope you enjoyed my layering pics. But you get the point.

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