Saturday, January 30, 2010

Soft Scrub Total

Are you busy and on the go? I am. Wedding planning is taking a toll on my very wonderful schedule I follow. Life gets complicated sometimes and it doesn't flow as you would like. Here is a perfect tool for moms who need just a little short cut, per say. It is so simple and easy to use.

Let me introduce you to a NEW Soft Scrub product that is making my life easier. And who doesn't need easier.

Soft Scrub Total is perfect for the entire bathroom. It does the job by cleaning and then it leaves it smelling clean as well.


full-coverage spray or deep-cleaning foam, both
You can use it as a spray or a foam. I love to use it as a foam. Foam on for a couple of minutes, and when I am ready to rinse,and wipe down, the work is done for me.

Scrub Total's unique trigger even sprays upside down.

I have three bathrooms to clean. With the New Soft Scrub Total it was so easy. I sprayed in big areas like the bathroom tiles, and just rinsed down afterwards. In the sinks, I used the foam action. I foamed, and wiped. Next I moved to the toilet bowls, and tubs which I foamed. On the toilet I used the upside down feature. It was great no more hurting my hand trying to get the grime out. Foam it away. My fiancee noticed the wonderful clean smell that Soft Scrub Total leaves behind.

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