Thursday, January 21, 2010

It is official...where my girlz at?

Today was a very emotional day for me. I had a really bad day at work. It seems no matter what I try to do to catch up, I just seem to stumble accross the hurdles. Really horrible day. But then came the light , in the tunnel.

The wedding will be this year and we are so excited. I started working out as of January 1. I lost 4 lbs last week. My girls and I have started working out again. Got to get ready for the wedding. My fiancee and I have been focusing on wedding details a little at a time.

Today we picked the wedding party. Yeah!!! We are having a small wedding. I really want it to be special and personal. I want my loved ones around.

And I had a very hard decision to make. Who is going to be my maid of honor? This is the person who helps me keep it together. And well I don't just have one person who came to mind, I have two. My two bestfriends, Elizabeth and Elsa. They are my bestfriends. As soon as I told them of the wedding they were so excited and happy and ready to start planning. So of course it was easy for me to say, they are both my maids of honor. I am not going to have bridesmaid. It is a personal choice. Plus I dont want friends to waste money on a dress, they will only wear one time. And again small wedding.

So this afternoon, I called my bestfriend, Elsa. She, of course, was at work. We were talking abou the wedding when I told her. I really did not expect to start crying but we did. We were balling. I was stuck in traffic driving to the YMCA, crying. My bestfriend, Elsa was sitting at work crying at her desk. So then I arrive at the YMCA, and I waited for bestfriend #2 Elizabeth to arrive. She arrive and I couldn't wait. I blurrted it out. And again more tears. I am so happy. I could not think of anyone else to share my moment with. These girls have been with me since forev3r. We are like the Charlie's Angels.

So the wedding planning has begun. TO be continued!!!

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A.Marie said...

Ohhhh...that is so awesome that you have such wonderful friends in your life!!!! And, there is no rule that says you can't have 2 maid of honor's! I had only 2 attendants when I got married: my twin sister and my was just like you; they BOTH were my special gals!

You'll have lots of fun planning the wedding with your two best girls and they'll keep you me! Wedding planning and insanity seem to go hand in hand!!! LOL