Monday, June 29, 2009

Matt hits the field with the Houston Astros

I want to share with you our wonderful experience. My son was picked to be a Honorary Short stop for the Houston Astros. He not only won tickets to the game but got to meet, short stop Jeff and get his autograph. This was such a great experience for all the kids that got to participate. At the game, Matt also got the opportunity to play for a Best Buy gift card. He was on the big screen and won $30 in Best Buy gift cards. I wanted to thank the Houston Astros and all the people involved for this wonderful experience. Join the Astros Buddies Club and your kids can join in the fun. Check out my earlier post and feel free to leave a comment on my post ResponsibleSports ask Parents.

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Night Owl Mama said...

WTG what an amazing experience it is for him to have those memories. HOPE you burned him a nice dvd of those memories to keep forever