Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kids and Baseball

***Disclosure-No compensation was received.  Informational post only.My son is going to play baseball again. This time it will not be for the local YMCA. He is playing for a sports association that has been around for a while. I remember my little brother playing for them. We didn't grow up going to a YMCA. Kids just went outside and entertained themselves. Anyways, after years of him not playing we have decided to let him play. I have the no pass, no play rule. I have had him sit out at practice and games because he didn't play by the rules. Funny thing is as I sit next to him when he is sitting out, inside it is killing me. But i know i have to teach him his lesson. The season just started, new fields, new kids, new team, etc. It is all an adventure to my fiance. He doesn't have any kids, but he loves baseball and my son. The weekly schedule just got more hectic. I don't get home from work until 6, after driving an entire hour in traffic. We have to hurry up and eat something. Practice starts at 6:15. Wow, what an adjustment. I am having to event the quickest meals ever. That is no another blog, 15 minute meals, 10 to prepare and 5 to eat. Anyways, the teams just got picked and split up. My son and his bestfriend were separated and one plays for the Blue Jays, the other for the Astros. As if those boys were not competitive enough now they must play against each other. We went to the first practice with his coach. Guess who got picked Team Mom-you guess it-ME. My fiance asked how was that voted upon. I told him i was the only mom who showed up. A couple of parents just dropped off their kids, and the other dads just hung around, but no other moms showed up. My luck. I have been a Team Mom before, i have even coach. I remember the first time my son joined a team. He wouldn't even get on the field. I had to become assistant coach and that way i was on the field with him. Everything i did, he did. First game, he wouldn't play. I took him home that day so mad at him. I was yelling telling him I wasted my money. But then i realized just as scared as i was to meet the parents, start this new adventure, and everything that came with it, he was just as or more scared. We went back the next time, and he has been playing ever since. As I watched my son at practice, I realized how much he has changed. He was 3 when he first played his first time. The adventures to come, Go Astros!!!

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