Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Date with another guy....

There is this guy in life who makes me feel free, lets me act silly, and doesn't care how much I eat. No, it is not my fiancee. He makes me pay for everything, all the time. I even have to drive him around.
I went out on a date with him last night while my fiancee worked. My fiancee even gave us the idea of where to go. If you have not guess by now, my date was my son. Every now and again we go out on dates just me and him. Remember it was me and him for a long time. And him and I did everything together before I got engaged. Being a single parent sometimes makes you get creative. He was the one and only man in my life for the past 8 years before I met my fiancee. He was my date for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and even Father's Day. We would go hang out at Chuck e Cheese, go bowling, etc. Now we are no longer a two some, we have become a three some. We do everything together as a family. But every now and again I go out on dates with my honey bunny.
Last night we went to the movies. It was a surprise. He didn't even know where we were going. When it was time to get ready I told him where we were going and what I was taking him to do. He was so happy. My fiancee suggested I take him to see Night at the Museum II. My son loved part I. So we headed on our way 30 minutes before the movie but guess what. When we got there the movie was sold out. I should have bought the tickets online like i intended to do when i was on the computer while looking for the showtimes. You should have seen my son's face of disappointment. Now we were standing there and the next showtime was until 9:30 p.m. I was not about to stay in the movie theater for 2 and 1/2 hours waiting for the movie to start and i was not driving all the way home. So we picked a different movie. He didn't know what to pick or what was showing. So i picked. He was very skeptical but i knew he would like the movie I picked. He laughed all the way throught the end of the movie. After the movie was over he texted my fiance this message:
Dad we didn't get to see our movie. It was sold out.
We watched Dance Flick it was funny it made me laugh so hard it made me fill like my eyes were going to pop out, and yes your going to say wow.
I know some of you are wondering why i let my son see such a stupid movie. Well I am a sucker for seeing my son all disappointed and sad. Some things in the movie are over his head, or at least i hope they are, but i was there and if there would have been anything i didnt approve off or it got really bad we would have left. But it wasn't that bad. It was a stupid dumb movie that makes you go say oohhh...what...then laugh...then groossss...then laugh.
We then headed home. On the way home we stopped and got a Redbox movie, well two. We stayed up watching Hotel for Dogs. We laughed and cried while watching this movie. At the end he told me, thanks mom.

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