Friday, April 10, 2009

White Cloud Green Earth

April is Earth Month...what are you doing to save the planet?

I was given the opportunity to review White cloud paper towels and toilet paper. I have never tried this brand before. I have tried it and can honestly say, "I like it". I tested it out the paper towels in my kitchen. The paper towels were very durable. I sprayed my kitchen down and used one, yes you heard right, one paper towel to wipe it down. I was amazed at how soft the toilet paper actually is. Both paper towels and toilet paper past the test in house.

White Cloud Green Earth is made from 100% recycled fiber with sustainability and premium rolled into one. They are made from everyday recyclables such as office paper and magazines, we are all making a change to save planet earth. We can save trees and post-consumer waste from entering landfills.

White Cloud paper towels are ultra-absorbent and enviromentally friendly. The new paper towels will be in stores in MAY, just in time for spring cleaning.

White Cloud toilet paper is so soft. The looks as so deceiving. It comes exclusively in GIANT rolls, using 15% less packaging than regular rolls. Plus, the paper, tube, and packaging materials are all recyclable where facilities exist.

Visit for store locations.

We can all make a difference. I am so glad that White Cloud is helping me save mother Earth.

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