Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Wellness Wednesday-2019 Health Review

Let's talk about health reviews.  Have you ever stopped to reflect on your current health and what you could be doing better?  Improvements could be small doable changes.  Look at the picture of me below, what do you see?  

No, I was not pregnant last year.  I was in very bad shape.  I had been for awhile now.  Everything I tried, failed.  I failed.  I hid behind other people in pictures or I was not even in them most of the time.  I was really struggling but I did not realize how bad until later on in the year.

Last year, my health set off all the alarms.  It really scared me.  Though my doctor had been warning me that this would happen, I did not listen.  I was too busy to be concerned with this.  My body decided otherwise.  And now I am determined to prioritize my body and get me to healthy.  How am I doing that?  

First, I reflected on the damage.  I did not get this way over night.  I traced it back to 2014.  Alot happened throughout this year and it basically is the root of my situation.  Even though I had been at my healthiest right before this, things got out of control.  I went from healthiest to the unhealthiest I had been.  I hit over 200.  I had been doing crossfit and stopped doing that by recommendation from my doctor.  In 2015 after I ran my last half marathon, my doctor restricted me from running.  This was something I loved.  I was putting too much pressure on my knees with the weight.  I walked the treadmill, watched what I ate, and I still could not make the scale move.  I kept feeling defeated.  But reflecting on all the things I tried help me figure out what I did not want to do this time.  I did not want to do crash diets, unhealthy habits, or create more damage.  It also helped me learn what triggered me to get to this point.  Not one single thing but a serious of events all contributed.    

Second, goals need to be realistic.  My only goal was to get healthy.  I did not focus on a number on the scale, nor a specific size in my clothes, or gave myself a deadline.  I only was working on improving from where I was currently at and every time, improve from there.  

Third, I am under the care of my doctor.  No, I am not doing doing crazy pills or weight loss shakes.  I am eating real food.  I am learning more about the nutritional facts in everything I put in my mouth.

Lastly, but maybe the most important change, this year I finally found something that worked for me that has completely changed the way I think about food.   There is a 80/20 rule.  They say, who knows who they are?  It is 80 percent what you eat, and 20 perfect how much you move.  By changing what I ate, I was able to finally lose weight and keep it off.   

Where am I at now?  I officially started in August.  The weight just started coming off.  I was more motivated because we had two weddings, one in October and one in December.  Those weddings happened to coincide with my check in dates.  Because I have been monitoring my calories, weight, and my measurements.  The first wedding would be right at my 12 week check in and the second would be at 60 days from there.  Also, my physical was at the end of the year too.  I have dropped 40 pounds.  I was already getting into 2X and currently am able to get into medium.  The biggest change was my food intake (fat, protein, carbs).  I tried to commit to getting on the treadmill at least Monday through Friday and tried to hit my goal of 10,000 steps.  

My journey has not ended.  Follow my journey on Instagram - @independentmamialba.  I am sharing my struggles and triumphs in hope of motivating others to start today.  Do not let it be years later.  Do not shock or damage your body so bad that it can't be helped.  I am not a doctor or professional to be giving advise.  

I am her to support.  Let's get healthy together.  Let me know how I can help.  Do you have any suggestions, tips, or have you recently reviewed your health?     

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