Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Holiday Parties Made Simple with Punchbowl

This time of year can be chaotic.  December came so fast for me this year.  I usually am on top of my game.  Party planning is my jam.  I start planning my daughter's birthday party a year in advance.  And this year, I have yet to send out a single invitation.  Am I too late?

Disclosure-This is a compensated post.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

Nothing gives me more anxiety than running out of time.  I rather not throw a party, then not plan it correctly.  A party starts with an invitation.  You really cannot have a party without guests?  So before I start hyperventilating because this party is not planned, I need to get some invitations in the mail.  I do not have time for that though.  What I do have time for is, creating something on my phone and hitting the send button!

Where do I start?  logging on or downloading Punchbowl ® app

With so little time on my hands, the app works for me.  I can work on the invitation and it is at the reach of my hands.  I can search by theme, category, girl birthday, etc... 

There are so many of my daughter's favorite characters.  It was hard to choose one theme.  It is easy to play around with invitations and saving drafts to come back to.  

With a birthday so close to Christmas, we have decided on a Christmas theme this year versus her usual.  We are really into the holiday spirit.  We have a few favorites chosen but I think we may have a winner!  What do you think?

Now, that was easy!  Punchbowl ® is the gold standard in online invitations.  These invitations combine the look and feel of paper with the convenience of digital that can be delivered by text message, email or social media.  It is a simple, easy way to plan any unforgettable celebration.  Customizing the invite in minutes, delivers instantly, and trackable RSVPs, what else can a party planner ask for?  

Now let the party planning begin!

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