Friday, November 9, 2018

Flick Friday-Wildlife

Life is hard.  Being parents and trying to hold things together for the family can become too much at times.  It isn't all picture perfect like all the social media families make it seem.  Behind the screen, is a real family with struggles and stories.  We may not all have the same problems but the grass is not always greener.  Kids notice everything.  Even if they do not say it.

Disclosure-Thanks to Allied for sending review copy.  All opinions stated are my own based on my personal experience.

A film by Paul Dano in his directing debut starring Carey Mulligan, Ed Oxenbould and Jake Gyllenhaal.   The movie is from the viewpoint of a teenage boy observing the gradual dissolution of his parents’ marriage in the 1960s.

Synopsis-14-year-old Joe is the only child of Jeanette and Jerry—a housewife and a golf pro—in a small town in 1960s Montana.  Nearby, an uncontrolled forest fire rages close to the Canadian border, and when Jerry loses his job—and his sense of purpose—he decides to join the cause of fighting the fire, leaving his wife and son to fend for themselves.  Suddenly forced into the role of an adult, Joe witnesses his mother’s struggle as she tries to keep her head above water.


This movie really challenges your emotions.  It is rated PG-13.  I would say it is more for older viewing audience because it does have a sex scene and bad language.  This movie was released on October 19 in selected markets.

WILDLIFE will open at Landmark River Oaks on 11/16.

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